It’s That Time of Year To Take Inventory . . .

In the Headlines Not ready yet to leave the Christmas celebrations that honored the birth of Christ?  Me, either!  Yet, I am being rudely pushed to look back on the major stories and the deaths around the world in the headlines of 2016 before bidding it farewell--as if living through them wasn't enough already!  This isn't … Continue reading It’s That Time of Year To Take Inventory . . .

Coincidence, Perfect Timing, or Premonition?

Coincidence, Perfect Timing, or Premonition I was pleasantly surprised today when visiting the Internet to see a 1970 TV clipping--in full color--through my computer screen of a portion of a Bob Hope TV Special celebrating the 4th of July.  (Note that my computer screen is bigger than our first few black and white TV's--which by … Continue reading Coincidence, Perfect Timing, or Premonition?