“Wingapo” – Welcome, My Beloved Friend

"Welcome, my beloved friend" European colonists arriving in Virginia may have been greeted with, "Wingapo,"  (pronounced win-gà-po), which translated means "Welcome, my beloved Friend."  So we know that the State of Virginia's history did not begin in 1607. We are learning that Indians have lived in Virginia for thousands of years.  In fact, if you … Continue reading “Wingapo” – Welcome, My Beloved Friend

John Rolfe Letter to Governor Thomas Dale, 1614

Continuing to further document and understand the lives of our earliest ancestors - emigrants from England to Jamestown, Virginia, I have included below, the 1614 letter  (transcribed and updated to today’s word usage and spellings by me--I made no changes to word choices or punctuation and kept present-day English spellings).  My  11th great-grandfather, John Rolfe, … Continue reading John Rolfe Letter to Governor Thomas Dale, 1614

The Chesapeake Bay and Our Native American Heritage

This post focuses on our Native American heritage who resided along the borders of the Chesapeake Bay.  Digressing just a little into my lineage, my paternal Bolling ancestors were among the first in Jamestown and my maternal Lathrop ancestors the first in New England.  My ninth great-grandfather, Colonel Robert Bolling married Pocahontas' granddaughter, Jane Poythress … Continue reading The Chesapeake Bay and Our Native American Heritage

Captain John Thomas Rolfe II…

My 10th Paternal Great Grandfather Date of Birth: 6 May 1585 in Heacham Hall, Norfolkshire, Watkins Co., England Date of Death: 22 Mar 1622 (killed in Indian Massacre) in Jamestown, Virginia Colony; killed in a massacre  Marriage: 05 Apr 1614 (Age: 28) Jamestown, James, Virginia, USA to Princess Pocahontas Matoaka Rebecca POWHATAN (1595-1617) Children Thomas Powhatan ROLFE (1615-1675) Varina, Henrico County, The American South … Continue reading Captain John Thomas Rolfe II…