Man Executed on Friday Rises from the Dead on Sunday!

A Headlining Easter Service

Reviewing current hilarious accidental newspaper headlines is where Reverend Robert Hahn started.  And soon he became very serious, “Man Executed on Friday Rises from the Dead on Sunday! Yes, as millions of Americans traditionally do, we attended Easter Services yesterday at our church to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Pew Research Centers reports church attendance will double this Easter.

Pew Research Centers reports church attendance will double this Easter.

Easter 2015 Church Attendance 1

More than half of America planned on going to church this Easter (about 159 Million people)!

Easter is typically noted as the most well-attended Sunday service of the year for Christian Churches.

And, without fail, (see for yourself in our fun video “Serve With Us,” below) our biblical leadership and 500 church community volunteers welcomed 3,000 of us at all four services with opened doors, arms, and hearts so we could participate in yet another truly joyous and powerful spiritual gathering in which we celebrated our Risen King, the One who gave His all for us!

Easter 2015 Chesapeake Church Attendance

As Rev. Robert Hahn reminded us this weekend:

Consider the World and times in which Jesus lived:  The World Circa 30 AD—technology was unleashing more change than the world had ever seen; international trade was booming; transportation had never been easier or faster; information was moving at a rate heretofore unknown. And yet, it was a time of intense desperation.

There was deep economic uncertainty.  People were restless about the future.  Government was oppressive.  Streets were dangerous.  Crime ran rampant.  Life was violent and children were not safe.  Virtually every war being fought at that time had at its core religious differences and people were divided.  They were divided by class, by religion, by wealth, and by power.

And into this world comes Jesus Christ—a man for his times—times that sound very much like our own today.  Consider this Jesus that we think we know so much about:  a child of peasants, he never went to college, he never wrote a book, he never owned a house, he never held an elected office, he never put his foot inside a big city, he never traveled more than 200 miles from the place he was born–he never did any of the things that usually accompany greatness. Yet, in the course of humanity no one else has impacted our world as has Jesus Christ!

More Relevant News

And, in startling news, he told us that pollsters show that over 40 percent of non-Christians believe as historical fact that Jesus Christ died and rose from the dead!

We closed our service by listening to Chris Miller (music worship and young adult programs staff member) who passionately recited The Word by Isaac Wimberley, (a young husband, father, pastor, poet, rapper and music worship leader at The Village Church in Plano, TX). I didn’t have access to a recording of Chris, but his recitation moved so many of us to tears that I am including Wimberley’s recording of The Word that I found on YouTube.

Continuing Our Easter Celebration With Family

We then continued on with our celebration of Easter for the rest of a beautiful day with our ever-expanding family–including our youngest great grand children, 3-day-old Noah Antonio, 1-year-old Elaina Hazel, and 3-year-old twins, Sara Elizabeth and Brandon Scott and with our family’s patriarch my father, Frank Burton, 86, and his wife, my mother, Norma Florence, age 87.

I hope your Easter was as enjoyable and meaningful as ours.

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