Remembering Robert

About Grandsons

Grandsons make us Proud.

Grandsons listen to Family stories, even when they go on and on.

Grandsons Surprise and delight us, and sometimes shock us a little.

Grandsons know what’s Cool, and they keep us up on it, too.

Grandsons make us feel Important and wise.

Grandsons add Fun to any occasion.

Everybody should be Blessed with a grandson like you… By:  anonymous



Some Family Trivia for our Very Special Grandson, Robert:

Robert Ditzler Dickinson Jr

Robert Joseph, Sr., Robert Joseph II, Robert Ditzler Dickinson, Jr.

Robert, you are actually the fifth Robert Dickinson in our family’s recent ancestry lineage. You were born on 3 July, the 3rd anniversary of the passing of your great grandfather, Robert Ditzler Dickinson, Jr., who was a very kind and generous man.  Your great grandfather, Robert, visited his grand children (your dad, Robert, and his brother Jeff, and his sister Jennifer) on Saturdays bearing candies and fruit–and in our early years of marriage he provided much towards Christmas for his grandchildren.

Robert Ditzler Dickinson SrYour great great grandfather was also Robert Ditzler Dickinson.  Your paternal great-grandmother, Janet, wife of  Robert Ditzler, Jr., used to refer to her father-in-law as a reprobate!  I believe she meant it unaffectionately and truly thought of him as an unscrupulous rascal.  I cannot speak to her opinions of him because, unfortunately, my meeting was at his funeral in November 1965 (about 14 months before your dad’s birth and six months after my marriage to your grandfather).

Bob MotorcycleYour grandfather, Robert, as you know, also at times acts quite rascally and many times younger than his years, but I refer to him in this way meaning he is playful and humorous–sometimes even nonsensical. In this regard, so is your dad, Robert. Your dad is a super role model, a great parent, often opinionated, but a God-fearing and loving man who is wise beyond his years. We see these characteristics in you, too.  And, we recognize your love for your family and your joy for the guy games that even today you play with your dad, your brothers, and even your grandfather, “Grand Hose”.

Robert Joseph II, Robert Joseph Sr, Robert Joseph III

Robert Joseph II, Robert Joseph Sr, Robert Joseph III

Your great great, and great grandfathers, (like your grandfather and your father) would definitely recognize you on your birthday by telling you how very proud of you they are and so happy that you share their names, first and last.  They, too, would relish in the fact that you changed our formerly somber 3 July to a day of celebrating yet another wonderful life in our family.

Happy Birthday Robert Joseph Dickinson III

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