Pots of Pennies and Toothpicks: The Best Thing My Mother Ever Taught Me

I love this story. In fact, my parents have Alzheimer’s but can still remember pinochle (well, most of it, most of the time). And, my husband and I twice a week play it with them. But, my husband loves to win and enforces playing by the rules. So sometimes it gets hard to find that happy medium. Thanks.

Ambling & Rambling

file0001847603162By nature I am a highly competitive person. I like to win, to excel, to achieve. Who doesn’t? Well, my mother for one. She doesn’t seem to care about it. (The one exception to this rule is Bingo! — my mother really likes to win at Bingo!)

Not only does she, by and large, NOT care about winning, she has been known to deliberately LOSE — to allow someone else to win. And not just her children. Lots of people “let” their children win. No. My mother would let other adults win. Crazy, right?

My mother enjoyed cards — she and her friends played “Pinochle” and “Canasta” like it was their JOB! She taught us, my sisters and I, to play card games — she started us out with “Old Maid” , we progressed to more advanced games like, “Crazy Eights” and “Rummy 500”. As we got older, we were…

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